Bible Based Teaching

Dayspring Kidz' receive age appropriate Bible lessons that are presented in a way that is fun, memorable, and enables your child to learn.

Designed for parents & kids

The children’s classes meet at the same time as the adult service. So while you are listening to the teaching, your children are learning about God.


We work hard to provide a safe, fun place for you children. That is why we always have a superviser on duty, as well as various teacher assistants.

Dayspring Kidz      

Dayspring Kidz exist to teach, entertain and protect your kids while you attend any of our services. We make sure to give your children the time of their lives with things such as our Bible bucks (a prize center),  free gifts for visitors and engaging teaching by our background-checked teachers. 

Age Groups                              

Group 1: 0-2

Group 2: 3-5

Group 3: 6-8

Group 4: 9-11


We invite you to follow along in our current Bible Story Time: "Joshua!" 

(Click here to download)

This is a tool to help you teach your kids at home and reinforce what they are already learning on Sundays. If we work together, it will make a big difference! It can be as simple as spending a few minutes a day or replacing some screen time with the following videos & activities! 

We pray your family will be blessed!


In this home lesson, you can find resources to help guide your kids through the second half of Moses' story!

(Click here to download)

The story of Moses teaches us to depend and trust in God for all of our needs! Just like the Israelites had to do once they were delivered from slavery in Egypt and spent 40 years in the desert!


Royal Rangers

What is Royal Rangers?

Royal Rangers is a ministry that motivates boys spiritually through Bible study, memorization, devotionals and Christian role models. The leaders, called commanders, provide boys the necessary direction during a weekly outpost meeting. The meetings are designed to develop the total body for Christ and offer love and understanding between the boy and a Godly role model. The life of a Royal ranger includes greta outdoor adventures through camping, hiking, archery, marksmanship, leather craft, woodworking as weak as challenging indoor adventures such as learning first aid and cooking. There will be opportunities year-round to attend tremendous camping events at the outpost and sectional levels.

When do we meet?

We meet Wednesdays at 7:00PM while Life Groups are going on, at our Mission Hills Campus.

Would you like to get involved?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact commander Rudy Leon (818) 642-7839.